Sunday, May 6, 2012



Final Report on collaboration tools

The collaboration tools were very helpful and made things convenient. The tool that I found the most helpful was goggle docs. I like Google docs so much I even use it to do projects in my other classes. Skype was OK, but everyone doesn't  have a web cam.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Final Report on PLN

In this world of technology you have to have an effective PLN. I chose to use symbaloo, I don't know why, I just did, but I am glad I did. Goggle Chrome is cool it keep records of the most use sites for you on your computer.However with symbaloo, you can use it anywhere, you just have to sign in to your account. Symbaloo also allows you to organize all your most use sites on one page. This class is constant and sometimes a little too much, but I have to give credit to Dr.strange the information I have learned in this class I will probable use for the rest of my life.


My teacher wrote a blog on how advancing technology doesn't advance students. I replied, I agree with her statement. If the content or the message is not clear, no matter how much you advance the technology, it will still be ineffective.
My teacher wrote a blog on how she used Skype to stay in touch with student and teachers. I comment on her blog how I used Skype. I did a basketball  camp, and my special guest could not make it to the camp, so we used Skype to still have his presence at the camp.

My teacher wrote a blog tilted" please don't become a teacher". In her blog she talked about reasons why you shouldn't become a teacher. She says if one is not serious about teaching her/she shouldn't do it. Teaching requires effort and perseverance, and if you do not have these attributes your job as a teacher will become miserable. My comment to her was , I enjoyed reading her post for the last couple of weeks. I can tell she really writes from the heart and I am passionate about teaching the way she is.

Blog Post #13

This was a very difficult assignment, but however I made it through. The hardest part of this assignment was the thought of it. I thought the process would be impossible, because I have a family, but my fiance was very understanding through the process. The day I chose to go without electronics was I day I had to substitute teach and go straight to my other job. I had to be at Clark middle school at 7:00 am. This part was kind of a breeze because I was teaching all day. After school was out I rushed home to take a shower and to prepare myself for my regular job. This was the hard part, because I was tired and really wanted to talk to my fiance. I got to my other job by 3:00pm and haven't talk to my family all day.Like I said before the hardest part about this assignment was the thought of it. I left work around 11:00pm and I was tired and ready to go home and pass out. Going without electronics wasn't that difficult it was the thought of it. I had a long day and it was difficult to get through without hearing from my family.
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Smart Board Presentation #2

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Post #12

As a P.E. educator you will be a coach if you are on the secondary level. Watch this video and write two or more paragraphs about how this will motivate your players for a game.Then explain how you would inspire your kids and how can they use these methods in normal life situations.
Inspiration is an effective method to keep kids motivated. This video deals with training ,physical training that is, but not only physical training but training of the mind. The mind may as well be the most important organ in the human body.Without it the body is ineffective, if students can learn to train their mind at a young age then success can come early. Inspiration is also a great tool for teaching. Majority of college students enroll in school with the intentions of receiving some extrinsic reward. The reward is what keeps us pushing, because school is not something you just do for fun.
There are many ways you can inspire your students: movies, music, speeches, and testimonies from great people.Almost all great things come from inspiration. As an educator, try to inspire your students instead of telling them what they are doing wrong. They are so many kids who skip school or drop out and choose not to come.So the ones that are there try to encourage them..

Progress on final report

Me and my team are working on a video that will include a lot of things we covered over the period of this class. We plan on using  a green screen and different techniques that we learned in class. We are looking forward to letting the class see what we put together.

Team Procrastination

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last c4k

The student blog a posted on was a kid who went to the Polyfest. The blog they recorded was very low in volume and I could not hear a single word he said. I just stated that not all kids his age have accomplished what he have accomplished, and encouraged him to keep up the good work.

C4k Summary

Week 1- The student I responded to wrote a blog about she did not like bullies. I responded, that I do not like bullies either.However, they are still someone's child. For the most part bullies are people who are seeking for attention,and that they need to be love too.
Week 2-I responded to another blog where she wrote about being different. The poem had something to do with her being black, so I do not know if there were any racial problems there are not. I just responded we are all create equal yet we have our differences. It is a good thing to be different in certain ways. Being different is what makes us unique.
Week3 - My student only had two posts

Sunday, April 15, 2012



E KIDS-The kids today are so much far advanced then we were coming up. Technology has really enabled these little kids to expand their thinking. i am just learning how to blog as a college student and there are at that age. That is amazing to me.
Ms. Cassidy- I like how she went to the federal government for help. I like how she use her kids from the previous year as well as the current students for videos and pictures. I like how she is the one who is mostly responsible for her work, but like she said she had a lot of support.  I would take the same approach as she took if I felt passionate about a subject. It amazes me how she did all this with 1st grades, but like she said they love it.

Monday, April 9, 2012


The student I responded to wrote a poem about his brother on  how annoying he is. I responded, I have five brothers so I know exactly what you mean, but I have to remind myself about the importance of  family.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


EDUCATOR OR TEACHER?- The struggle inspired me to become an educator. There are many people that are trap in the struggle. Most are trap because the lack of knowledge. I was taught but not educated. Everyone will not be an educator, it will not happen. To be an educator you have to be willing to go beyond the limits. You must first have compassion, without that you can not be an educator.Educators risk their moral image to reach people, but never lose their character nor integrity. An educator understands what its like not to understand. An educator knows what it is like not to know.An educator meets the needs of people where they are.An educator does not have to use fancy words to impress people, but instead, uses the words that help.One more thing, an educator doesn't always have a college degree. I wanna be an educator because an educator helped me.
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DON'T LET THEM TAKE PENCILS HOME!-I like how he tried to find a solution to the problem. I substituted at one of the toughest schools in mobile county.Most of the teachers are tired and believe me they have a very good reason to be.Not all, but for the most part, the teachers are just going through the motions.When I was there I tried to find a solution to the problem. That's make the difference as a teacher or educator. That is the motivation to keep pushing.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blog assignment #9

2009-I really can relate to this blog. I am a substitute teacher and I did not know what to expect. The training classes we had to take are different from  the classroom setting. I tried to be too nice at times and tried to be too mean at times. When I relaxed and listened to the students it was easier to communicate with them. I agree communication means everything, without it, it becomes very hard to teach.
2011-People who have a purpose for change have joy about new ideas for change. People who don't have a purpose just go through the motions. People who have purpose normally stand out, that is why people with purpose are different. I am use to being the outcast, and I love it. Being the outcast allows me to do the unexpected.He is right promotion is outside of your comfort zone. Any time I feel like I am comfortable I do something I am afraid to do. That lets me know I am growing.

Friday, March 30, 2012

C4T 5 & 6 Summary

My teacher wrote a blog on how advancing technology doesn't advance students. I replied, I agree with her statement. If the content or the message is not clear, no matter how much you advance the technology, it will still be ineffective.
My teacher wrote a blog on how she used Skype to stay in touch with student and teachers. I comment on her blog how I used Skype. I did a basketball  camp, and my special guest could not make it to the camp, so we used Skype to still have his presence at the camp.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Dr.Richard E. Miller- Dr. Miller presentation was amazing. Technology is taking the ability to learn to another level.Learning should no longer be boring. there are many ways as a teacher for us to make learning exciting. Learning to communicate through multimedia is the way for the future. What use to take hours can happen in a matter of seconds now. Carly Pugh- Carly's post was beyond what I expected, It was very inspiring and also an eye opener. Most of the videos we watch were by professors,but this one was by a student and it reaches the ranks. Carly has really set the bar, and we should all take her advice, and think differently.If I were to create a video it would be on mental health. I think people need to stop worrying about things that do not matter. Stress is the cause for most diseases today. I my self have had issues with worrying about things I can not change. I would like to do a video or presentation about enjoying life, and that starts with enjoying yourself. Learning to change is not optional but it is now demanding. With this fast paste changing environment change must occur, in order to be effective. Change is difficult to some especially someone who has been doing it a certain way. Usually we change we something is no longer working, now we change to stay relevant .


Sunday, March 11, 2012


goggle images

The network student- the video displays a class similar to edm310. The video demonstrates how students no longer have to be handed the information, because there is so much information online now. Teachers now have found ways to make learning effective,by demanding students to take the knowledge provided and apply it to projects.This new style of instructing  is challenging the next generation.The question, is a teacher still needed? Yes, the teacher hands the students the blue print and assists the student as he or she builds. It is our job as teachers to challenge our students in a world where all the information is very easy to find. We must explain to them what information is most needed, and what information is not.We also must provide knowledge that almost can't be learned by just reading, and that is good character traits.What good is knowledge or a powerful message, or great skills if you can not convey it or use it effectively for your audience? So teachers are very well needed, because they have been through the process and can leave behind what it takes to make it through the process.
The 7th grader did a great job on her PLN

Friday, March 9, 2012

C4T #3 & #4 Summary

#3 My teacher was Mrs. Deyamport, and she attended a conference in Mississippi, that deal with ways to apply Skype in the classroom setting. I ask her did they discuss ways I could apply technology in a class room setting.
#4 My assign teacher has a post about Edmodo, and I ask how do you get kids to try different online networks when they are stuck on facebook, twitter and youtube.Do we try to reach kids through those online networks or do we introduce them with the new ones?

Sunday, March 4, 2012



Randy Pausch- First, let me say, that video was very inspiring. It has been said, everyone likes a bad guy. Really, I believe people are attracted to courage.The way he look death straight in the face and carried on, as if it was nothing, was very inspiring. That alone was enough anyone needed to see, to get pumped up about going after their dreams. Randy Pausch, left a lot of valuable tips for learning as well as teaching. The first, was one I learned playing sports, that was if you are screwing up, and no one is saying anything, that is when you need to start worrying. Learning how to deal with constructive criticism is the beginning of the mental toughness process.When teaching this process, you have to be aware as a teacher, on how much each student can handle. Some kids perform better with constructive criticism, and some kids quit because of it.
Another topic he touched on, was the brick wall effect," Brick walls are there to stop the people who don't want things bad enough". School is very difficult for me, only because I have to work full time, because of my responsibilities, and sometimes I think about quitting. However, I know it's hard for a reason. Somewhere, we have been mistaking, that success comes without struggle. Every time something gets hard, the first thought, is something must be wrong. I've come to realize, that struggles are part of the process. I have children, so the brick wall analogy will be something I will apply to them and my students.
Learning hands on is very effective, and most people can apply what they have learned through tactic learning. Doing away with books shouldn't be highly recommended, just less emphasized.There is a lot of information in books,and book learning and hands on knowledge should be inclusive.
Having fun, I think, might be the best learning strategies there is, besides the thirst and hunger for it. A class someone loves to attend, is the one he or she may get the most out of. Life is hard, and sometimes very difficult to cope with, and for most kids school is their escape.This is a strategy, that I highly recommend and will enforce in my class room setting.
There are so many things I can say about this video, but I am going to end on the topic of helping others. Life is about giving and making others dreams come true.When I die, I want to leave behind a legacy, like Randy Pausch!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

C4K Summary

The student I was assign to was Alisha and she talk about taking a trip to china to see them dance in a dragon suite. I stated that I would like to visit an island and enjoy the food and scenery.

The second student I was assign to was Bailey,but there was no student by the name of Bailey on the site I was provided.Therefore, I commented on a student name George,and he wrote a blog "School is Hopeless". In the blog he talk about the routine of school is boring, but thanks to technology, school is more interesting.His blog was interesting and well written, and suggested he should write a book on that topic.
I commented on a student name Emma, because the one I was assigned to didn't have a blog. Emma talk about her trip to Florida, and also did a video of the trip. I added that I've also visited Florida and had a good time when I visited,and looking forward to visiting again.
I commented on the blog "should the BILL OF RIGHTS be updated". The writer stated,the bill of rights are out of date and they should be updated.The writer thinks the laws that were established are no longer needed, because situations have changed.The writer made some interesting points, however, those laws and amendments were built upon opposition,people fought for the rights that we now have, some died.I did not oppose the writer ideas, I just commented from a different point of view. That since the laws were established through opposition, that should be changed upon opposition.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Dr. McLeod-Its kind of hard to respond to this post without saying the same thing over and over again.I understand technology is the way, and that is the direction the world is shifting into. I responded to the post, and told him I enjoyed reading it.
iSchool initiative- This is a good idea,but how is the school system going to afford this? I have kids, and I can't afford to buy these new devices. Even if I could afford them, I know some parents that can't. The school system is already firing a lot of teachers, so I am just wondering. Also, what happens if the computer system shuts down? We are being told to due away with pencils, so do we rely totally on computers?
Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir- Very Impressive! I know putting that video together took a lot of time and hard work.
Teaching in the 21st century- Kevin Roberts is right! Facts and knowledge are tools,and students need to know how apply them. He said, teaching should be relevant, I also agree with that.Students not only need entertainment,but need to be engaged.This was an effective video.
Reading Rockets-This site provides resources for students, teachers, principals and other professionals. This site has plenty material on reading comprehension and also podcasts and free reading guides. This site also provides suggestions for kids with reading disabilities.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


EDUCATIONAL PODCASTING-podcasts were normally use for audio use only, now they include still pictures and vidoes.Podcasts can be effective in class room settings, with the right material provided.Meaning,if the content of lesson can be conveyed through the device, than it is effective, but if material can not be conveyed through podcast, than that material is not effective.For an example, you would not want to teach math through a podcast.Some subjects require feedback from teachers,

LANGWITCHES- This was a great site.The way they used the podcast, was very effective.The kids enjoyed making the podcasts, and learned while they did it.This might be a way I would consider teaching to my kids.
CURRIKI-PODCAST COLLECTION- This site should have been first on the list, because this site actually shows you how to start your own podcast.Also this site provides the steps, when it comes to instructing the students,on how to start a podcast.This site has a link to youtube that displays the process to get it started.This site also, provides the name of the software you can download for free.This site has plenty material that would benefit me as a teacher, when using podcasts.

Friday, February 17, 2012


The student I was assign to was Alisha and she talk about taking a trip to china, to see them dance in a dragon suite. I stated that I would like to visit an island and enjoy the food and scenery.

The second student I was assign to was Bailey,but there was no student by the name of Bailey on the site I was provided.Therefore, I commented on a student name George,and he wrote a blog "School is Hopeless". In the blog he talk about the routine of school is boring, but thanks to technology, school is more interesting.His blog was interesting and well written, and suggested he should write a book on that topic.

Friday, February 10, 2012


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Technology in special education- Wow! That video was amazing! My little brother is in special education, and I was wondering ways I could help. After watching this video I have a new outlook on technology. I always though that technology was needed but was overly emphasized. The reason I thought this way was because the majority of people I know are stressing about money, but have these expensive technology devices, that they can't afford.But after seeing this video,and how it can be very helpful to my little brother,I now have a different perception.
I am going to research a little more and find programs that might be able to help my little brother.Finding ways to help my little brother will also help me with my future students.

APP for education- SHAPE-O ABC'S FOR I PHONE, this program encourages learning by doing, by integrating puzzles, shapes,colors,and sounds in to one program. This app has over 100 hundred activities. This is one way to make learning fun and effective.
GARY'S SOCIAL MEDIA COUNT-OK, my mind is still running,but this was interesting. I don't know if I should become a teacher or start my own business.There is opportunity all across the board. For teachers it is plane to see how to reach the next generation.This is not just exciting for the students, but also the teachers. Every day can be different in the terms of finding new ways to make learning, make sense to the students.
A VISION FOR THE STUDENTS TODAY- This video was eye opening and displayed some important facts. The more we stress education, the less it becomes important.The answer to everyone's problem is college. However, when I leave college I will be in debt. Am I promised a job? Education can mean a lot of things, not just the required materials we are mandated to learn.
Seek knowledge yes, but with all things get understanding.

C4T SUMMARY #1- Got a blog? Make a book?

The blog I was selected to read was about making a book out of blog posts. She believes books from blog posts are bettter than hard back books. The summary of my comment was encouraging her to stick to her vision,because of the demand for learning via the web.

The teacher I was assign to did not respond to my comment, nor did she have another post for me to comment on so I comment on one of the old ones she had. The title of the blog is GENERATION OF BLOGGERS, she talks about how long blogging has been around. She also had the opportunity to start a program with her two daughters who are also teachers. I just commended her on her passion for teaching and reaching the kids in different ways, and also stated that it must be wonderful to be able to work with her daughters.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


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DID YOU KNOW - BY JOHN STRANGE, I guess, I did not know.Seems to me, technology is taking over.Before this class, I did not spend much time on a computer. To become a teacher in this generation, I probably need to start. My question, is how can people afford all this technology, when were are suppose to be in a recession.Internet is not free, and if we can spend this much time and money on technology, than the numbers are not adding up. This year black Friday sales were through the roof, which means a lot of people sacrificed or we are not doing that bad financially as a country.That is what came to my mind after watching this video.

MR.WINKLE WAKES,Times are changing,but are they changing for the better? I think so, but the change is challenging the teachers to get out of the old tradition of how things use to be.However, the tradition is the foundation and this may change, but the blueprint should stay the same.Meaning we should build upon that, which has brought us this for,but modify to take us farther.
THE IMPORTANCE OF CREATIVITY, I like this video, I agree with him and he make a lot of good points.I do not agree with how the education system is set up. I am a physical education major and i am taking classes that are not related to my major, yet it is required. I will graduate and not have taken classes I would prefer to take to make me better at what I am trying to pursue
A VISION FOR THE 21st CENTURY LEARNING,Maybe education should be based on survival skills and understanding the importance of learning.I am a substitute teacher, and when I work at the schools, the kids are not interested in learning. They just wanna know how to survive. Some kids grow up in rough environments and everyday is a struggle to stay alive.I know this is a job for the parents and not the teachers,but what are the teachers responsibilities? That is to educate the youth for the future,but what if an education requirement for a student, is how can I stay alive? Do we meet that student needs?Or do we fail to educate that student?
HARNESS YOUR STUDENTS' DIGITAL SMARTS,I really don't have much to say about this video. This seems typical in the school setting today. Everyone is on media literacy, and think this is the way to go.Maybe it is, but I first have to step my game up on this subject,before I can speak for this or against this.The video displays ways to reach kids and to involve them in their own education and expanding their ability to interact with kids all across the world.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog Assignment #1

me and my oldest daughter

My name is Joe Hunter and I was born in Mobile, AL. My major is Physical Education and I desire to become a coach one day.The reason I selected Physical Education was because of my athletic history. I was a three star athlete(football,track and basketball) in high school. In 2002, I received a full scholarship to play football at the university of West Virginia. I attended West Virgina for 5 years. However, I did not received a degree in my course of study. I moved back to Alabama in the year of 2008 and got a job to support the family(two daughters) I started. After working a couple of years of hard labor out of my expertise, I decided  to go back to school. Sports is what I have done my whole life and sports is what I would like to continue to do the rest of my life.
Time managemnet is very important and stress related. I have a daily to do list and it gives my a piece of mind once it is completed.  Good time managemant allows me to be effective at those things I desire to do.
The video pretty much touch basis on what I already knew, but confirmed the importance of it.